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  • pcb thick copper circuit board
pcb thick copper circuit board
Material SYTECH Layer 8层
Copper 1OZ Thickness 2.4mm
Mini hole 0.3mm Surface finish EING
Mini line width 4mil Mini line spacing 5mil



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Product Introduction
Why choose us
Brands material

Brands material

To ensure the quality of our products, we use raw materials such as SYTECH / ITEQ and other Grade A military materials and famous brands of raw materials such as TaiYo Ink, just to satisfy and reassure our customers.


Imported equipment

We have a series of advanced production equipments such as automatic copper sinker dross removal - graphic electricity - etching line, LDI exposure machine, text printing machine, etc. We are committed to the rapid production of high precision PCB prototypes and small and medium batch. PEAK is dedicated to providing quality services to global high-tech enterprises.

Imported equipment
Attentive service

Attentive service

Customer service is fast and responsive, with online customer service available 24 hours a day. All communication links between email, telephone and face-to-face are kept fast and smooth, reducing communication costs and improving communication efficiency. In case of emergencies, we immediately conduct proactive customer visits, so that you can enjoy a more intimate after-sales service.


Cooperation cases

We have been working with PEAK for almost two years. Their multi-layer circuit boards for smart devices fully meet our quality requirements. The original partner manufacturer had an unstable delivery schedule, which greatly increased the difficulty of the work. Since cooperating with PEAK, we have saved a lot of energy in the cooperation process, the products are well received by our customers, and the quality of PEAK products puts our mind at ease.

Cooperation cases
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